Can it really already be October 1?

How did the year go by so fast? Can it almost be October 1 again already?


So much has happened in the last year, and Moneyman has been busy with the details of his day job, so apologies for the lack of updates. He promises to do better this year!

As we get ready for another year’s worth of FAFSA updates and changes, it is time to share some resources with you.

  1. Here is a copy of the PowerPoint presentation Moneyman uses when speaking about financial aid to high school students and their parents. Once the video replay is available, we can share that link as well.
  2. Here is a copy of the PowerPoint presentation shared with Florida High School Guidance Counselors by Moneyman and others recently covering a lot of the same information. You can watch a replay of the session here or here.

Feel free to follow along this year. Moneyman (me — that’s me) commits to more frequent updates as things happen this year.