Love the Mystery?

I love mysteries. Do you? I love sitting right on the edge of that “I want to know how it ends / I don’t want it to end” moment, where the excitement is real and the tension is high.

But I also love the relief when the answer finally comes. Knowing how the plot works out, how the hero solves the crises, comes as a huge relief.

Mysteries abound where we most seek for answers. — Ray Bradbury

Interesting, since my purpose in keeping this blog (as well as I can) is to dispel the mystery about college financial aid.

I have worked in the field of financial aid for more than 30 years. I have worked at small private not-for-profit colleges, large urban highly selective universities, open access community colleges, lenders, servicers, and technology consulting firms. My job has always been to be a part of the mystery behind helping families pay for the cost of college. I’ve always had a wonderful group of peers and colleagues who work to make sure that we do the best we can to help families afford the expense of college.

But sometimes I wonder if students get lost. If they think of the financial aid process kind of like a deserted island, full of pitfalls and unseen monsters.

So this blog will kind of be a “what do I need to know now” guide along with my rantings and ravings on whatever subject seems to be around and about. Feel free to engage me in dialogue, although if you want your conversation with me to be private, please email me at moneymandtb at gmail dot com (expressed this way to avoid spam).

Looking forward to seeing how this experiment turns out, and hoping that you too will find your way to the answer to your own mystery.

What kinds of mysteries puzzle you about the college financial aid process? What answers are you looking for? Share your thoughts in the comments and I will address them in the coming posts.