New beginnings (or beginning news or starting again)…

The school year has begun as all over the country students are back in classrooms, the traffic is backed up with school buses and the temperatures have begun to cool (although, sigh, not really in Florida).

The School Year Begins

Another aspect of the start of the new year is the beginning of the financial aid and admissions application cycles for those of you who are seniors in high school (or adults thinking of going back to school, or students thinking of going to graduate school). Now is the time where you are beginning to think “what’s next?”, when your parents, friends, neighbors and guidance officers ask you for the names of colleges you are thinking about, and when you are faced with the question (that honestly never goes away) of “what do I want to be when I grow up?”

As you think about your college plans, it is natural that one of the areas of concern is money. Money plays an important part in your college decision process, but the good news is that if you follow the plans outlined on this blog, and the advice of your guidance officers and others, money doesn’t have to be the deciding factor for you. If the system works, you should be able to decide upon the best college for you based on fit, not on finances.

Over the past several months, I have been busy helping students at my school get ready to start their school year. Now that their enrollment has begun, I plan to turn my attention to this blog and helping you — whether you are a senior in high school, a parent of a student, a student currently in college, or just an interested adult — learn about college financial aid, about money management, and about how best to make the system work for you.

So here is my question for you. Who are you? I want to make this blog a conversation with you. Sure, I like to talk; I like to write (I am a published poet and I was voted “most talkative” as my high school senior superlative), but I prefer to have a dialogue. A conversation is much more interesting to me than a monologue.

Tell me what you want to know? As I target at least one blog entry each week, what would you like me to focus on? What questions do you have about the college process? How can we best learn together?

Welcome to the Fall… to pumpkin spice and maple frosting… to jack-o-lanterns and apple cider… to crisp nights and color-changing leaves. And welcome to the Moneyman College Financial Aid Blog where we learn about college financial aid together.