You can’t Escape the FAFSA…

So today is October 2nd. Have you filed your FAFSA for 2020-21 yet? Don’t panic, I’ve got you covered.

Some of you adults will get this joke: I am not just the president of the hair club for men, I am also a client. What I mean by that is that I am not just a financial aid expert, I also have a child who is in college, so I am doing the FAFSA right along with you.

I’m also a client…

In past years, I have made sure my child and I have logged into the FAFSA website and completed the FAFSA right on October 1 (the first day that the application opens, and the earliest the form can be done). But last night, our family did an Escape Game.

Orlando is the Escape Game capital of the world, and we love escape games. If you haven’t experienced one before, they are filled with mind puzzles, locks and hidden keys, things to solve, and fun exercises to puzzle your brain. We had an hour to solve the room, and we were done in 37 minutes. It was kind of like completing the FAFSA.

The FAFSA application is the puzzle you need to unlock so you can make it to college (or to graduate school, or trade school). By completing the FAFSA, you too can open the door to a new possibility. And I bet you can get it done in less than an hour (probably in less than 37 minutes).

So, tonight, my college-aged child and I are completing the FAFSA. Will you join us and complete yours too? The application opened yesterday and while many college’s deadlines are not for a while, you are always better having done your application early (the earlier the better, since some funds can run out and they tend to be awarded in order of application completion).

If you want more information on the FAFSA (and the other financial aid applications you need to complete), choose the category on the side of the blog entitled “Applying for Aid”. There are lots of posts there that will explain each of the different application forms which need to be completed.

And remember: while you may escape the room (and you might even be the president of the hair club for men), you can never escape completing the FAFSA (if you want financial aid for college that is).